Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Morning After The Burns Night Before Marmalade


I got two very exciting communications about jam this week; the first being this article by Will Self in the New Statesman: 

In defence of jam, that gooey ambrosia  (via Chris Sav),

and the second being an email from my jam jar supplier, announcing "IT'S MARMALADE SEASON"

So, I headed to Sainsburys, picked up some oranges that were on offer, and then stopped by my local corner shop to get the best bottle of whisky I could buy for under £10. I settled on Teachers, which provides a convenient hand-held bottle for £5.99.

Why not try this recipe to mark the morning after Burns Night, and remember that wonderful night of poetry, Scotland and Haggis.


5 oranges (3 finely sliced, 2 with peel removed and roughly chopped
3.5 cap-fulls of whisky
Equal weight of sugar (to oranges)
Juice of 1 small lemon


Combine all the ingredients on a low heat until sugar is dissolved
Boil mixture on high heat for about 40 mins
Allow to cool slightly
Steralise two jam jars and fill them with the marmalade


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